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In Studio Coaching

60 Minute in studio one on one session. During the initial sessions we  choreograph your custom routines. When routines are memorized, we work on technique, stage presence and cleaning the routine. 

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Hair & Makeup

We have a certified hair artist and makeup artist on staff. We do hair & makeup for pageants (glitz & natural), photoshoots, and fashion shows. Our hair & makeup artists coordinate with your wardrobe and pageant system requirements.

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Virtual Coaching

50 Minute one on one FaceTime, Zoom or Skype lessons. These lessons are good if you need to brush up on your routines or just to stay on top of your game and keep in practice.

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Modeling Choreography

We will choreograph custom routines as well as work with you to improve your modeling skills. We choreograph routines for all aspects of competition. This includes: formal wear, evening gown, runway, fun fashion, casual wear, outfit of choice, character and more.

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Custom Music

We can help you create custom music cuts and mixes. Burn music accompaniments.

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Personal Introduction

We develope your personal introduction or speech to reflect your unique personality and passions.

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Interview, Current Events & Platform Development

We specialize in panel, round robin and on stage question and interview. Our job is to make sure you are confident and informed prior to entering the interview room or stage. We help you to be informed of current events and improve your communication skills. We show you how to market and speak about your platform.

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Talent Development and Choreography

If you're a dancer, we will choreograph a routine in a genre of dance that will showcase your skills and ability. 

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